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JavaScript Fundamentals: What is “this”?

“this” parameter is one of the most common confusing subjects in JavaScript, despite the fact that it’s so easy to comprehend when we just approach it the right way. You can think of “this” as just a function parameter that…

JavaScript Fundamentals: Closures

A closure is just any function that somehow remains available to invoke after its outer scopes have been invoked and returned, the closed function keeps having access to all variables of its outer scopes in-where it has been defined. In…

JavaScript Fundamentals: Scopes

Scopes or Variable Scopes are the places in our code where we have access to that variable, we distinguish two types of scopes: Global ScopeInterlexical or Local Scopes The Global scope is the highest level scope in a JavaScript Program,…

JavaScript Fundamentals: Prototypal Inheritance

JavaScript is a prototypal-based scripting language, created by Brendan Eich back in 1995 for the sake of bringing dynamicity to the web, since then, JavaScript has been evolving to be now one of the most common programming languages used on…

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